Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stranger than fiction

I have Lyme Disease, Celiac Sprue, and Interstitial Cysitits and was on my way this past Monday-Friday to get these issues addressed by a practitioner in Wichita.  I stayed with my daughter and drove 80 miles round trip each day to see him.  All went well on Monday and until about three in the afternoon on Tuesday.  I started getting ill and told the receptionist I needed to stop and go home.  The next morning I woke up with extreme pain and nausea.  I called my daughter home from work and within in an hour or so we had made it to an emergency room, loaded up in a ambulance and arriving in Salina for surgery.  The docs had determined I had a kidney stone stuck in my urterer and other behind it.  The surgeon tried to remove the 6mm, but it shattered in to much smaller pieces.  I had a stent inserted.  For two days Morphine and I were best friends.  I missed two days of my life, but that is also two days of no pain.  Actually, it was a nice place to visit.  No worries or cares.  I was out of it.   We drove 4 hours home (I sleep, hubby drives) on Fri.  Sat was so so, Sunday it starts in again and I end up in an emergency room 40 minutes from our house.  Another round, 1 kidney stone this time.  This time I am with it and not in as much pain.  What a trip,  I think all stones have passed as of today and am feeling better.  I am getting a bit jumpy and wonder what my next medical adventure will be!!!!! HA like I really want another adventure like that.  I am dreaming of looking down the Grand Canyon or picking up sea shells on the beaches of Captiva or Sanibel Island in Florida. Sounds much more enjoyable.  That which does not kill you makes you stronger.  Man, I must be one strong body of estrogen by now.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Pray you are now on the mend. I remember when Karla, my next door neighbor had a stone and she was terrible sick and in pain. I drove her to Hastings for emergency surgery, the doctor came out to the car and took her up!! I stayed the night but then went home the next day and did the home dialysis for her mother (and every day after) for the next couple months!!! I think she still has to be careful today and I think she will tell you drink lots of water. Sorry you had to go through that. Here is an internet hug....xxxxx....