Friday, January 6, 2012

Being a Gemini is challenging

Being a Gemini can be a real challenge.  They are unpredictable and always on to something else.  I fit the profile to a tee.  Yesterday my life was quiet and simple.  I took a walk and enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree weather out on the back deck with computer in hand.  Today I am volunteering at the local thrift store which I do 3 mornings a week.  Due to health challenges I do not hold down a full time job.  This afternoon I am off to play with the girls and make greeting cards.  I am in to Stampin Up and am ashamed to say I have a room full of scrappin stuff.  It feeds my soul and is an outlet for the creative side of me.  Sending a card to family or friends that is personalized is so satisfying.   Hopefully I will have pictures of our creations of the day later on.


  1. Did you know that Libra's are most compatible with Gemini, Aquarius and other Libra. I AM LIBRA!! Love your blog~

  2. Good to know Libras and Geminis are compatible. Even better that we are like minded people.